The Megaspeed Show Road Tour kicks off

At noon on Sunday in Kalamazoo we had the first meeting of the participants on the Megaspeed Show Road Tour. The Megaspeed Car Show was held for the first time this past March in Toronto. The show was a huge success and the Megaspeed Show is scheduled to return again in March to Toronto. Because our Tour from Kalamazoo to Burlington takes us across Canada the folks at Megaspeed decided they would like to sponsor the Tour. The Megaspeed Tour is also the final leg of the Steele Rubber Products Triple Crown Challenge. There are six vehicles that have been with us on all three legs of the challenge and everyone is holding up just fine.

After the awards on Sunday at the NSRA Nationals North the 17 cars that were signed up for the Megaspeed Tour rolled out of the fairgrounds. Our destination at the end of the week was the NSRA Northeast Nationals in Burlington, Vermont. Our destination for Sunday evening was the Canadian town of Sarnia just across the border from Port Huron, Michigan. After some routine questions at the border we all crossed into Canada. It was going to be a great week with plenty of things to see and do north of the border and then when we cross back into the states. Check back here for all the updates.