A soggy Tuesday start

The rain was coming down hard on Tuesday morning. Gary Chalis and some members of the Motor City Car Club stopped by to give us a send off and also give each driver a hat and mug from their annual car show they put on every August. They were also going to give one of our Road Tourians a hand with some car problems he was having.
We set out in a hard rain with our sights set on the town of Lindsay, Ontario. Kevin Easton had invited us to stop by a get a look at his Mopar collection. It was a wet one hour drive but it was worth the trip. We were greeted on arrival by Kevin and his shop manager Brad Fallis. They walked us through the collection and we we amazed by the amount of Mopar Muscle in one building. Hemis were everywhere and there were a few very very nice Ford street rods and Tri-5 Chevies mixed in to keep the other guys happy. It was obvious though that Kevin is a Mopar maniac and all of his are top notch. Armed with cookies and coffee we all enjoyed hearing the details of each of the treasures from Kevin and Brad. It was a great morning and it looked like the skies were starting to brighten.
Our next stop was about 90 minutes away in the town of Warsaw. We were headed to the shop of a custom car icon; Harry Sherry. Harry was responsible for the blown ’34 Ford and the immaculate 55 Chevy that we saw at Kevin Easton’s shop. Those are just two of the thousands of cars that have come out of Sherry Custom Auto over the past 50 plus years.
We were greeted by Harry, his wife Marion, his brother Bill and Harry’s two grandsons who are quickly picking up the craft. Harry had put together a slide show for us and gave us some background on the cars that were pictured. It was a great glimpse into a career that has lasted over a half a century. Bill Sherry does the upholstery work and his custom Pontiac was on display at the shop. A number of years ago Harry got involved in the restoration of some big classic cars of the 1930s. He became know for his work on Marmons, Auburns and Rolls Royces. One of the current projects is a Marmon that is being built as a vehicle for Harry himself. It was a wonderful afternoon at Sherry Custom Autos in Warsaw. We were in the presence of a true master and delighted that Harry would take the time to greet us as he did. We will be back to see that finished Marmon project.
It was a two hour drive and we arrived in Gananoque near the 1,000 Island area by 6pm. The sunny was shining and it had been an incredible day on the Megaspeed Tour.