Birmingham and Barber Motorsport

On Wednesday morning we left Meridian, Mississippi and headed for Birmingham, Alabama. We had been invited to lunch in Alabaster, Alabama a southern suburb of Birmingham. Our hosts were Tim and CiCi Spenser, owners of the Buffalo Wild Wings in Alabaster. When we arrived the wings and fries and cold beverages were ready. Tim and CiCi are active with the local Humane Society and instead of paying for lunch they asked us to donate to the Humane Society.
It was a great meal and the Road Tourians raised $480 for the Humane Society. Before we left Tim and CiCi and their daughter posed beside their hot rod pickup. It was a fun stop in Alabaster, Alabama.
From Buffalo Wild Wings it was a short drive to Barber Motorsports. We have been to a number of fantastic motorcycle museums over the years on the Road Tours but the collection and displays at Barber Motorsports took things to a whole different level. There were five floors of motorcycles. There were at least a thousand bikes on display of all types, sizes and eras. The museum looks out over the road race course and everything is immaculate.
The scope of the collection is hard to describe. Lets just say that if you have any interest in motorcycles you have to put Barber Motorsport on your “must see” list.