James Dean Remembered

Immediately after the awards at the NSRA Nationals North plus in Kalamazoo it was time to start on the Easy Street Speed and Kustom Road Tour to the Charlotte Auto Fair.
Our journey took us south through central Indiana on Sunday afternoon. We stopped in Fairmount, Indiana to visit the James Dean Gallery and Museum. We also wanted to stop at the cemetery and visit his gravesite.
The gallery was filled with an amazing assortment of James Dean memorabilia from around the world. From rare photographs to movie poster and books and James Dean collectibles it was a huge collection dedicated to a true icon of our generation. There was also a great 50′s antique and collectibles shop located in the same house.
From the gallery a few of us drove past the high school where James Dean attended class and them made our way to the cemetery to visit his grave. It was a cold and rainy overcast day but the fresh flowers on his tombstone added some color to our afternoon.