A Visit to SoffSeal

From Anderson, Indiana it was a two hour drive on Monday morning to the headquarters of SoffSeal. The late Gary Anderson pioneered the business of reproducing quality rubber gaskets and seals. After Gary passed away far too young a number of years ago, his wife Donna took over the reins of SoffSeal and continued the tradition of quality and service that Gary started over 35 years ago.
SoffSeal is the Official Gaskets and Seals provider for the AMSOIL/Street Rodder Road Tour program. Donna’s son Jeff has come onboard at SoffSeal in a management capacity. Donna and Jeff welcomed the Road Tourians to SoffSeal for a lunch and open house on Monday at noon. There was a throng of local rodders on hand when we arrived. The food was fantastic and was representative of the many tastes of Cincinnati. We got a look at the production facility at SoffSeal and quickly realized what sets their products apart from other suppliers. It was a great way to start our day in Cincinnati and many thanks go out to Donna, Jeff and the entire SoffSeal team for such a warm welcome.