Sherm’s Custom Plating

From Flowmaster we headed off to Sherm’s Custom Plating. Sherm’s has been the official Road Tour Chrome Plating Sponsor for a number of years. Sherm’s President Gary Matranga has taken an active part in planning all of the Sherm’s Tours and actually traveled along with us on the road
We were met at Sherm’s by Gary’s partners Art Holmes ,Dave Doughtery and also Kelly Wiley who coordinates all of the sales and service details. Art gave us an in depth tour of the facility. We learned what goes into a good chrome plating job and what sets Sherm’s apart from the rest with their attention to detail. It was a very informative visit. After the shop tour we all received Sherm’s Plating t-shirts. It was a great ending to a full first day on the Sherm’s Plating Road Tour. Check back later for more photos.