Al Engel’s Collection and Steve Moal Coachbuilder’s

Monday morning after our driver’s meeting we all headed south from the Santa Rosa area to San Francisco. It was a beautiful sunny day in Northern California. Our first stop was in Sausalito just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Sausalito is filled with trendy shops and was a great place to grab some lunch.
It was then across the Richmond Bridge to visit Al Engel and see his amazing collection of vintage autos, motorcycles, boats and scale airplanes.
The size and diversity of Al’s collection is what makes it so unique. Al is one of the nicest guys in our hobby and spent time talking with us about his collection and the stories that go with each items. It is always fun to visit with Al Engel.
From Al’s we traveled south to Oakland and the shop of Steve Moal Coachbuilders. Steve, his sons and the Moal Coachbuilders team have been creating works of automotive art for years. It is a tradition that goes back four generations in Steve’s family with Steve’s father and grandfather all being master coachbuilders. Steve took time to walk us through the process of designing and building one of their amazing creations. Many thanks to Steve and the Moal Coachbuilders team for allowing us to get an up close look at one of the country’s premier metal crafting facilities. Check back later for more photos.