Roy Brizio and Bruce Canepa Design and Museum.

It was a great evening in Oakland on Monday. Tuesday morning after our driver’s meeting we all gathered on the waterfront near our hotel for a group photo. It was another beautiful California day. We crossed the San Francisco Bay on the new Bay Bridge. It was just 20 minutes south of the bridge to Roy Brizio Street Rods. Roy and the Brizio team are know as builders who consistently turn out show winner hot rods and cars that are known for their road worthiness. We got a chance to chat with Roy as he described some of the vehicle builds that are in progress and some of the fantastic cars that have been completed over the past few years. We were also treated to some great pizza provided by Gary Matranga and the folks at Sherm’s Plating. It was a cool lunch stop at Roy Brizio Street Rods in South San Francisco.
From Brizio’s we continued moth along the coastline on California Highway 1. It is a beautiful drive and was made even better by the fantastic weather. Our destination for the afternoon was Bruce Canepa Design and Museum. Bruce Canepa is one of the amazing folks who have had success in many different areas of our hobby. Bruce is accomplished sports car racer on tracks around the world. He has collected race cars and high end special interest vehicles to feature in his museum near Santa Cruz. On the first floor of his modern facilities he has vehicles that are available for purchase. These vehicles are the top of the line in many different automotive categories. We also got to see the extensive build shop at Canepa and the dozens of projects in the works. It was an impressive visit at a state of the art automotive facility. Check back later for more photos.